Dried Orange

Dried orange slices are very tasteful dehydrated slices of orange known to be a rich source of Vitamin C and a great snack to increase your energy level.

Dried Orange

Dried oranges are basically very tasteful dehydrated slices of orange which contain orange fruit’s nutritional value but the shelf life increases significantly after the dehydration process. Dried orange slices will last for about 6 to 12 months at normal room temperature but if you are interested in a longer storage time span, store them tightly in the refrigerator to preserve the quality of the dried orange for up to six additional months. If you are looking for a high quality dried orange, as the best iranian dried fruits and nuts supplier and supplier in Iran we are honored to assist you.

Dried Orange Value and Nutrition

A high quality snack and rich in nutrition and practically fat-free, dried orange is known as a reliable and healthy energy source. Dried orange slices are known to be a rich source of Vitamin C and a great snack to increase your energy level.

100 grams of orange slices contain 327 Calories, 79.3g Carbohydrates, 83mg sodium, 0g Fat, 47mg Calcium and etc.

Orange slices usage in our daily life

  1. It can be used to make exquisite baked goods.
  2. A great side snack with nuts and other dried fruit chips.
  3. Aside from the nutritional facts of diet orange slices, you can use them as Christmas Tree Ornaments.
  4. since they have an exquisite calming odor you can add them to Potpourri.

Dry orange slices Price

The price of the dried orange chips depends on the quality of it, as well as the product’s availability.

Packaging information

We provide this product in one form of packaging for our clients based on their request:

  1. 5 kg cartons

We can arrange other packing types by customer’s request.

Shipping information

We have the most experienced shipping agents and depending on your circumstances and your terms, we choose the most convenient way for shipping your order. On the last step of your order placement, we collect all the needed data to determine the best shipping arrangement based on your needs. We do our best to deliver your order, by the best shipping way, in good quality and at the most possible time.Our company is one of the best iran dry fruit exporters

To sum it up

dried orange is a great choice if you are looking for a nutritious and healthy snack and a new ingredient for baking. We supply you with the best iranian dried fruits and nuts with the highest quality. Please check out our official website to find information about iran dried fruits and our other products. Kindly, contact us for your order.